ICAP Leather Chem S.p.A. pursues the following strategic objectives in its production and sales of chemical products:



customer satisfaction, environmental protection, ensuring the health and safety of workers and the population, respect for human rights, continuous improvement of performance, business profitability, staff involvement, the refusal of the use of child labour, forced labour, the prohibition of any form of discrimination, the correct management of chemicals



These objectives are reflected in the following management principles:


          Scrupulously comply with the laws and regulations applicable to business activities, in particular environmental legislation, health and safety at work, prevention of accident risks and risks associated with chemicals, labour rights, human rights and ethical practices and all commitments signed by the Organization, including voluntary

          Identify and meet the needs and expectations of customers also regarding the rules of social responsibility and verify the degree of satisfaction, preventing non-conformities of process or product, 

          Systematically identify its environmental aspects and the risks to all those who work for the Organization

          Reduce environmental impacts and major accident risks by monitoring process standards for the use of natural resources, noise, GHG and air emissions, odours, water discharges, the production of waste and the handling and storage of hazardous substances, including with regard to the best available techniques

          Preventing accidents to the environment with repercussions on workers' health and population, occupational accidents and diseases, mitigating possible effects

          Identify processes for quality, environment, safety and social responsibility and define the respective indicators to assess their effectiveness and efficiency 

          Define the improvement objectives and ensure the necessary resources to achieve them

          Promote information, training, awareness-raising, consultation and involvement of workers, in accordance with their responsibilities and competences for achieving quality objectives, environment, health and safety and prevention of major accident risks and risks associated with chemicals

          Ensure and improve plant reliability, evaluating the possibility of using the best available techniques and planning and implementing technical and organizational interventions deemed necessary, compatible with the economy of the enterprise

          Design and conduct installations to ensure safety, health and environmental protection and prevention of major accident risks 

          Ensuring and improving working conditions and workplaces to safeguard the health, safety and rights of workers and all those working for the Organisation, as well as the protection of the environment 

          Pursue continuous improvement in terms of quality, environment, safety and social responsibility, through selection, awareness and close collaboration with suppliers and contractors for a sustainable management of products and services purchased

          Develop measures to ensure the correct behaviour and practices of third parties operating in the establishment through awareness raising, training and information

          Ensure proper and responsible behavior to minimize potential and possibly generated risks from business activities and chemical use

          Apply surveillance procedures to prevent and control any accident or emergency situation for the environment and the safety of employees and the population

          Preventing waste generation by prioritising recovery, recycling and reuse of materials rather than disposal

          Reduce the consumption of natural resources (energy, water, gas), ensuring their sustainable use

          Develop and maintain open and constructive relations between the various company resources, with the trade union representatives, trade associations, the relevant bodies, the population and the social community

          Consider their employees as a strategic resource, ensuring respect for their rights and dignity and promoting professional and personal development

          Promote the Company Policy and the sharing of objectives to all the company staff, promoting the awareness and responsibility of the role within the company, through effective communications and individual and collective consultation

          Promote an organizational model that involves the involvement and participation of the entire company structure according to its competences, to achieve the objectives of safety, environment and social responsibility identified

          Commit not to take disciplinary action against those who report non-compliance 

          Commit to the monitoring, control and reduction of banned or restricted chemicals used in product formulation

          Ensure the sustainable use and efficient management of chemicals in order to minimise the quantities used

          Making the Company Policy available to the stakeholders

The implementation of the Company Policy is ensured, as part of a process of continuous improvement,
through the systematic application of the integrated management system set in accordance with the requirements of ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO 45001, SA8000, ZDHC and the Regulation provided for by Legislative Decree 105/2015 (Annexes 3, B) on the management system for the prevention of major accident risks.


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